A piece of very old assembly code

A couple of weeks ago I’ve been looking through some old backup CDs. To my surprise I have found some old source codes written more than 10 years ago. Of course, most of them were unfinished and ugly. Some of them turned out to be totally useless rubbish which made me feel embarrassed. But I have also found a couple of interesting things. For a moment I was amazed… I still cannot believe that I used to have so much patience to write code in pure assembler.
Here is a sample source code. It was supposed to be a 4KB intro.
The intro was written in 1999 (a twilight of MS-DOS era) in pure 80×86 assembly language. It should run on 32-bit Windows. The executable itself is 3529 bytes long and it is .COM executable file. Its name was supposed to be “Loser”, but I really do not remember why such a title was chosen. There were some nasty tricks used to make the code as short as possible… but who would care about them today? It doesn’t generate any sound effects or music, but trust me it was also possible in assembler! The visual effects were of course supposed to make an impression of a damaged TV-set (so please do not adjust your monitor:).
I have recorded and uploaded this animation on YouTube:

If you would like to compile source code of this “demo” you should use Borland’s Turbo Assembler and Turbo Linker.